Chasing the Light is a benefit anthology of speculative fiction dedicated to Melanie Otto (AKA Melanie Griffin), one of the founding members of the Roaring Writers. Melanie died unexpectedly in 2016. Melanie critiqued many of these stories at the Roaring Writers’ annual writing retreats, and the authors will never forget Melanie’s sparkling eyes and delighted laugh as she found passages she loved in each. With this collection, including stories by Melanie, the Roaring Writers share her light with readers everywhere.

Chasing the Light features stories by award-winning author/mentors: David B. Coe,  John G. Hartness, and Faith Hunter 

and the Roaring Writers: Lillian Archer, Amy Bauer, Alex Gideon, Melanie Griffin, Margaret S. McGraw, Mindy Mymudes, Ken Schrader, Laura Taylor, and Janet Walden-West.

Available at Amazon on Kindle and in Paperback


An Introduction to Marine Mammal Biology and Conservation by E.C.M. Parsons with Amy Bauer, Dominic McCafferty, Mark Simmonds, and Andrew Wright. This textbook was designed as an introductory-level college textbook for marine mammal conservation classes. The text provides an overview of marine mammal taxonomy, evolution, adaptations, and ecology and status. Conservation topics include pollutants, laws to protect marine mammals, and the International Whaling Commission. The textbook is published by Jones & Bartlett Learning and can be found on Amazon.