AmyTowerI don’t particularly like talking about myself but I will dance the dance. I’m Amy Bauer, freelance editor and writer currently working on an urban fantasy novel. I am a coauthor of the textbook An Introduction to Marine Mammal Biology and Conservation by E.C.M. Parsons with Bauer, McCafferty, Simmonds, and Wright.   

At various points in my life, I’ve been an editor for The American Physiological Society, worked at various jobs in the internet security field, and flirted with academia. OK, OK, it was more like a dysfunctional relationship than a flirtation. I emerged with a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Environmental Science. I spent a lot of time studying marine conservation in George Mason University’s Department of Environmental Science and Policy – I am an ABD which translates to All But Dissertation meaning I passed my Comps but didn’t finish the dissertation for those of you not familiar with the jargon. I loved the field but not academia.

I enjoy a great variety of hobbies. I love reading,  traveling, attending conventions, watching sports, and historical reenacting. I live in Northern Virginia with the best husband ever and cats. A lot of cats.